In the modern world, a frantic pace of life greatly dictates its rules regarding the work of memory, and accordingly of the brain, and the cardiovascular system. In our power to help own bodies cope with this huge load, with an unfavorable ecological situation, improve memory, calm nerves. In this matter, vitamins and minerals come to our aid. We will now consider their brain enhancement work. There are five main types of such vitamins: B vitamins, ascorbic acid, tocopheryl acetate, calciferol, bioflavonoids. They all can be consumed from daily food or special brain enhancing drugs. We study each group in more detail.

Group B

Vitamins of group B are the most significant helpersBrain enhancement: vitamins that impressively stimulate brain activity! in the processes of hematopoiesis, which means that our brain is saturated with oxygen. The more oxygen enters the brain, the better its works, improving your memory.

Ascorbic acid

Of course, not just these vitamins are so vital for the work of the nervous system and brain activity of a person. It is impossible to imagine now your daily life without vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Vitamin E

And we will surely not forget the equally famous tocopherol acetate or just famous as vitamin E. It eliminates free radicals that slow down your brain work, maintains the health of muscle and nerve tissues, and helps in the delivery of oxygen to the tissues and cells. When combined with vitamin C in the body, the likelihood of getting and developing cancer diseases greatly decreases.


Thanks to vitamin D, the brain processes are accelerating in your body, the probability of developing disorders from the central nervous system is significantly reduced. Do not forget about the importance of vitamins for the normal functioning of your brain, the nervous system and the whole body in fact.


Of course, not all processes in the body may start just when taking the necessary vitamins. You also need to understand that your body needs to be helped with other elements, like bioflavonoids. It is a very complex name, and no less complex chemical compound. Nevertheless, bioflavonoids are necessary for good capillary permeability.


Now let us dwell in more detail on the most famous names. Let's start, perhaps, with the routine. Doctors prescribe it to patients who have problems with blood vessels - multiple bruises on the body ("crystal vessels"). So this particular preparation contains in its composition rutin and ascorbic acid, which, interacting with each other, hugely strengthen the walls of your vessels and increase their elasticity.


Also really widespread "tannins". Who does not know that with bleeding gums everyone should use the bark of oak bark? So these are the tannins, which are contained in the bark of oak, that strengthen the walls of your vessels, which in turn allows the body to receive nutrients and oxygen at all its farthest corners. So, let's sum up the final line. In conditions of an ever-changing world, bad ecology, stresses, new discoveries, positive and negative factors of influence on the body from outside, your body, your brain, and your memory can and should be helped. And it's in your hands to do it: it's enough to eat good enough food, play sports, do not forget about additional sources of vitamins, especially in adverse climatic conditions. Starting to follow these simple rules, consuming brain enhancement pills with vitamins, you will notice how much better your life will be.