Paradoxically, but until now, with an abundance of knowledge about the anatomy of the brain structure, we can not say surely how it works, putting forward numerous theories and describing different phenomena. Memory problems provoke severe disadaptation in any person, which is because of the close bonds of human existence with memories and life experience. So today often choose brain booster pills to return own ability to remember everything.

Memory process

Memory is a really complex process, taking place in your brain, in which the accumulation, storage and re-creation of the whole information is realized. The memory function includes three main components:

  • fixing of the received data (registration);
  • information storage (retention);
  • re-creation (reproduction).

These components are closely related and therefore even minor deviations in the work of one lead in fact to a decrease in the effectiveness of the whole process. As with most mental abilities, memory dynamic changes occur both with the growth of the organism and with the aging process. So brain pills may be applied almost at any ages.

Memory in children

Since the functioning of your brain may be performed at various levels of complexity, the onset of memory development in children is associated with the first conditioned reflexes. Their appearance is closely bonded with, though primitive, memory in response to a certain stimulus, so a response to a certain algorithm develops. Depending on the development method, it is customary to isolate reflexes:

  • unconditional (inherited from ancestors and being genetically fixed);
  • conditional (they develop mainly on the basis of unconditional ones in fact of modification of the latter under the influence.

As the development of intellectual abilities, logical processing of information grows. Also, the correctness of the organization of repetitions of the material plays a great importance for memory improvement, and also the regularity of the application of your acquired knowledge in solving both theoretical and also practical tasks.

Memory in adults

If a person is comprehensively developed, his memory also has good characteristics. It helps to organize the daily routine and forget nothing. Also, regardless of the work that a person visits, in most cases it is required to memorize something new or to remember the information received earlier. In this regard, with the development of some memory disorders, your life becomes much more complicated. The factors that allow preserving and also ensuring the further development of memory, is your self-development and self-improvement, as well as correct and proper rest.

Memory in old age

Mostly with age, changes in brain function are observed, due to the aging of your body. So there is a change in a great number of reactions that ensure the metabolic brain needs. Significant influences on the memory and brain working process of elderly people have diseases that lead to a disruption of metabolism in the brain tissue. In fact the most widespread causes are atherosclerotic lesion of the main arteries, as well as disruption of the heart. The reason of memory impairment may be strokes, which affect a particular brain area, but the symptoms of nervous system damage may vary widely depending on the specific clinical situation. So at this period of life, a brain power pill is used more often.