Many modern people forget about a number of things. This phenomenon is often associated with other manifestations of a deterioration of the proper functioning of the brain: impairment of learning abilities, lethargy, depression, sleep disturbance, headache, dizziness, and so on. To eliminate these conditions, drugs called nootropics are used. The ancestor of these drugs is piracetam, invented almost half a century ago in Austria. However, even today it is one of the most popular & best nootropics. ...

There are always a lot of misunderstood when it comes to the phrase “mood stabilizer”. The FDA officials were the first who used this term to name treatments, prescribed for people with bipolar disorder. However, in most countries a number of supplements, aimed at natural mood improvement, as well as anti-depression supplements, which consist of natural herbs and amino acids, and can be taken without prescription, are named as “mood stabilizer”.    

Several meds may enhance thinking and memory in individuals suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other ailments affecting the mind. So can such meds help healthy persons, too?

In the modern world, a frantic pace of life greatly dictates its rules regarding the work of memory, and accordingly of the brain, and the cardiovascular system. In our power to help own bodies cope with this huge load, with an unfavorable ecological situation, improve memory, calm nerves. In this matter, vitamins and minerals come to our aid. We will now consider their brain enhancement work. There are five main types of such vitamins: B vitamins, ascorbic acid, tocopheryl acetate, calciferol, bioflavonoids. They all can be consumed from daily food or special brain enhancing drugs. We study each group in more detail.

Paradoxically, but until now, with an abundance of knowledge about the anatomy of the brain structure, we can not say surely how it works, putting forward numerous theories and describing different phenomena. Memory problems provoke severe disadaptation in any person, which is because of the close bonds of human existence with memories and life experience. So today often choose brain booster pills to return own ability to remember everything.

The list of all brain pills that are available today is an unending one. It is therefore necessary to go through the various safety measures and concerns associated with this category of medications. Like it is with all medications, optimum effects can only be acquired once the medics are taken in the right conditions. In fact, most cases of extreme side effects and undesirable effects are due to insufficient knowledge on risks and precautions associated with the medics.